Cut Business Insurance Costs by Joining An Association

When business owners are considering joining an association often the main things they are thinking about are networking and leads. These are just a couple of the many reasons it's a good idea to join an association in your industry. The reality is that industry related associations offer a wide range of opportunities that [...]

Make Your Annual Work Comp Audit A Breeze

As if paying copious amounts of money for workers compensation coverage wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury many carriers send out what seem to be the least peasant people they can find to perform an annual work comp audit of your payroll books. Most employers I speak with feel as though these auditors [...]

Save On Workers Comp With The Right Accountant

Taxes and insurance are more than likely two of your least favorite necessities as a business owner. Then again, some taxes seem unnecessary, but that is an entirely different kind of article! The funny thing about these two things is that they go hand in hand. As an insurance agent I deal with a [...]