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Tired of paying hundres of dollars for each and every additional insured or waiver of subrogation endorsement you need? Many of our carriers will write these endorsements at little or no additional cost for our clients. Sole proprietor tradesman with no employees, $1M/$2M policies can be had for as little as $500 per year. New home builders, security operations, special cargo, etc; we’ve got you covered.

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Liability insurance is designed to protect the business against losses in the event that they are found to be negligent or liable for property damage or bodily injury to third parties.

CGL is a standard form of insurance issued to business organizations to protect them against liability claims arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; as well as advertising and personal injury liability.

Typically, damages, legal defense fees, and settlement charges are paid by the insuring company when a claim is filed against the business.